Interesting Australian Divorce Statistics by Australian Bureau of Statistics


In light of figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics

About ONE in three, first marriages end in divorce. However the appropriate information is, the wide variety of divorces granted in Australia has been lowering every year since 2002, after it reached a peak in 2001. Most people who separate had been married less than 10 years. The median length of marriage to separation and divorce has been gradually increasing over the past two decades. In 2007, the median duration of marriage to separation was eight years.

In many cases women are more likely to provoke a divorce than men but, over the past two decades the proportion of joint applicants for divorce has been growing, at the same time as the share of divorces, by means of only the male or the female has reduced.

In 2007:

  • 39% of divorces have been initiated by way of the wife
  • 28% of divorces had been initiated by way of the husband
  • 34% of divorces turned into a joint agreement

Divorce cases regarding children can create the ugliest scenarios as they contain raw emotion from both spouses vying to get the custody of the respective child. Normally the verdict is going in favour of the mother, but there are instances when the father gets the custody of the child.

During the last two decades the share of divorces concerning kids below 18 years has been reducing. In 2007 the share of divorces related to youngsters was 49.3%.

Marriage is an exceedingly sacred partnership in human lives. The people who commit to the marriage bond, vow to stand by each other through thick and thin. They agree to be the supporting arms of the respective partner in any dire situation, despite the fact that, lifestyles can change with time. In reality, no one knows what adversity one might also be trapped in at any juncture of existence. With increasing degrees of frustration and disappointments, the cases of infidelity are on high alarm. This has brought about the breakage of the circle of relatives ties and bonds based totally on love and affection and is facing an all time low. In worst case situations, a divorce becomes inevitable. This necessitates the hiring of an expert and professional divorce attorney to make sure you have fair legal presentation inside the court.

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