The preface of the Ionic Balance Band is to radiate Negative Ions (anions), Far Infrared Rays and Alpha Waves. These properties are then consumed by the wearer. Ionic Balance wristbands transmit the one of the largest amounts of Negative Ions per cm³ every second of any wearable item available today.

All Ionic Balance items are CE checked (European Commission) and agree to all European wellbeing, security and natural assurance enactment. There are no known contra-signs for the Ionic Balance Band.


Ionic Balance has designed a remarkable Proprietary Tourmaline half and half equation which is coordinated into our wristbands, consolidating both mold and capacity. The primary fixing in our dynamic recipe is Tourmaline which is mixed with 10 different minerals and segments. The Ionic Balance Band is built from hypoallergenic therapeutic review silicone. The dynamic fixing will keep up it’s properties for a few lifetimes. Take care of your band and it will care for you.

Our patent recipe is one of a kind to Ionic Balance. Acknowledge no impersonations!

Directions for Use

Ensure you have the right size according to our estimating guide. Wear your Ionic Balance Band on whichever wrist you feel good with, it doesn’t make a difference which path round you wear it, the dynamic fixing is all through the entire band, in no one point. The band is waterproof so it can be worn amid showering, swimming and wearing exercises. You can wear your band alongside a watch or some other wristband or arm ornament. For best outcomes wear your band 24hrs a day. In the event that you have any inquiries kindly don’t waver to reach us.


All Ionic Balance wristbands, including our Power Series, CORE Bands, Tri-Twist Braids, Necklaces, Pet Tags and Fusion Magnetic all utilization our restrictive dynamic recipe.